Work-based learning is a structured learning experience that combines an individual’s career and academic goals. These experiences are based on instructional preparation, and performed in partnership with local businesses, industries, or other organizations in the community. Work-based learning enables an individual to apply classroom instruction in a real-world work environment.  For eligible employers, we offer work experience and on-the-job training.

Work experience provides the employer an opportunity to “try” out an employee for fit and suitability.  At the same time, it allows a job seeker, with little to no work experience, an opportunity to try out their chosen career field before entering training and/or the workforce.  While on work experience, the employer is providing the “work experience” and “supervision” and our program covers the wages, including fringe.  Yes! You read that correct, our program pays their wages, including fringe and worker’s compensation!

On-the-job training provides the employer a monthly reimbursement of wages, while they “skill up” the job seeker.  The reimbursement is up to 50% of the hourly wages for a specified timeframe (typically 240 hours to 1,040 hours), depending upon the individual.  The individual is hired full-time by the employer and our program subsides the wages with the expectation the individual will be retained at the completion of the trianing plan.

Employers can also offer unpaid job shadows and/or internships.  For more information on our work-based learning opportunities, please contact your local NCWorks Career Center.