Program Forms & Staff Resources

Below are Training and Technical Assistance Guides (TA) that supplement policies. The TA Guides are to provide the program operator with additional guidance when sponsoring a participant through the WIOA programs. The TA Guides are not meant to be all-inclusive. It is the responsibility of the program operator to review all applicable policies to ensure proper documentation and allowable expenditures. Questions and/or additional clarification should be forwarded to the Local Area.

Official Job Description for Title 1 CA

A-DW Intake Process – 06-2023

Youth Intake Enrollment Flow Chart 10.3.2023

WIOA Required Partners

TA – Eligibility and Suitability


TA – Case Notes

TA – Supportive Services

TA – Occupational Skills Training

TA-Work-Based Learning

WEX Monitoring Checklist for Operators

OJT Monitoring Checklist for Operators

TA – Closure-Program Exit

TA – Monitoring

TA – Credential Attainment

Measurable Skill Gains Guidance

Measurable Skill Gains Desk Reference

Keying MSGs in NCWorks Guidance

TA – 14 Elements Youth Only

TA-Incentives Youth Only


Determining Poverty Status by Street Address


Employer E-Code Staff Cheat Sheet

TA Session – Classroom Training Password: c4EH6x!& (Click here for the presentation file)

TA Session – Work Based Learning Password: 2d&=Uwr$ (Click here for the presentation file)

Correction Request Form

Tuition Assistance Flyers