How do you find the best talent to keep your business competitive in this growing economy? Our Business Services Team stands ready to help!

We can provide customized services at no-cost to help you maintain and grow your company. In addition to helping you find and retain talent, we have staff who can help you make sense of the latest Labor Market Information for your business navigating the affects of wages, commuting patterns, and where to find the available workforce. Timely Labor Market Information goes a long way when developing a workforce strategy to meet your existing and future human capital needs. Business Services staff can travel to your place of business to consult with you and customize services based on specific needs. They will guide you to the wealth of resources available through our partner network with economic development, education, and workforce development.

We also offer ACT job profiling. Job profiling brings the specifics of a job into focus. The ACT WorkKeys job profiling method links job tasks with ACT WorkKeys assessments to pinpoint benchmarks for hiring, recruiting, advancement, and training. ACT job profiling takes a focus-group approach, using input from employees to ensure customized job analysis. The focus groups are led by ACT-Authorized Job Profilers who have completed an intensive training program conducted by ACT where they have gained an in-depth understanding of the WorkKeys Skills and Skill Levels.  Fees for job profiles depend upon the job being profiled and the estimated time to complete the profile.

For more information, please contact Jennie Bowen, Workforce Development Director at 252.974.1815.

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