Mora finds success after College

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As a recent graduate from NC State University, Ana Mora found herself seeking a career that would allow her to utilize her training to its full potential.  She has found just that career with PAS USA.  Ana stated, “My goal is to try and learn as much as possible in order to thrive at the tasks given to me.  I want to absorb as much as I can from my Logistics Manager in order to learn more about supply chain management and one day be a team leader”. With the help of the On-the-Job Training Program, Ana will be able to realize her goals.  Ana started with PAS USA on October 24 as a Warehouse Coordinator I.  When asked about her new job, Ana stated “I enjoyed learning about supply chain management while in college and think I will enjoy the fast-past and challenging environment the career provides”.

PAS USA has been a huge supporter of the On-the-Job Training Program.  Since July 1, 2017 the OJT Program has saved the company over $25,000.  The OJT Program provides the employer a reimbursement of wages during the initial training period.  The program provides individuals, like Ana, the opportunity of a career when they ordinarily would not be given a second look.

If you are an individual struggling to find a job, please visit your local NCWorks Career Center to see how we can assist you in finding a career.  If you are an employer who is interested in participating in the OJT Program, please contact Lou Stout, Business Engagement Coordinator, at 252-974-2446;