Silver Lining in every cloud!

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When natural disasters hit our area, the world slows a bit.  For some, the world completely stops!  Not only are we faced with damage to our homes, our property, and our memories – our livelihood could be gone in an instant.  That is what happened to Mr. Winston, Mr. Lee, and Mr. Roberson.  All of these gentlemen found themselves out of work, due to Hurricane Florence.

But .. there is hope!  The ‘silver lining’ is a program called Hurricane Florence Disaster Relief Employment Program.  Through the U.S. Department of Labor, funds are made available to Workforce Development Boards to assist local non-profit agencies and municipalities with hurricane clean-up.  Individuals who are out of work due to the storm or who are long-term unemployed (over 13 weeks) are eligible to participate in the program.  These individuals are able to work and the local towns and cities are able to clean up from the hurricanes.  Employment opportunities can last up to 12 months and individuals are paid a prevailing wage.

Mr. Winston stated, this job “has given me hope.” He said that he was glad to be employed while also helping the community.

Mr. Lee stated, “this job has made my mom proud which in turn makes me proud of myself”. He said that he enjoyed building rapport with other coworkers and hopes this turns into a permanent job.

Mr. Roberson stated, “this job has allowed me to give back to my community”.  People pass them while they are working and tell them how good of a job they are doing helping with the clean up.

Employment opportunities are available in Beaufort, Bertie, and Pitt Counties.  If you have lost a job due to Hurricane Florence or have been unemployed 13 weeks or longer and would like more information, please contact Kimberly Laws, Special Grants Coordinator, at 252-940-0900.  You may also email her at